Nutrition Consultations

Heather Mancini, RN L.A.c. Dipl. Ac.

Who should schedule an appointment?

Heather encourages nutrition consultations for GCA patients in treatment for:


- Fertility
- Allergies
- Acne
- Eczema
- Arthritis
- Fibromyalgia
- Digestive complains

What is a session like?

You can expect a thorough intake (about 20-30) minutes on your health history and need for a nutritional plan.

After learning more about your diet, lifestyle, and symptoms, Heather will do a pulse and tongue diagnosis to further assess any imbalances in nutrition and/or signs of inflammation.

You'll go home with some suggestions and dietary modifications (if needed). Heather will follow up via email with a customized plan, complete with recipes based on Chinese medicine and cutting edge research mainly geared to reduce inflammation and increase the wellbeing of the individual.

She will also discuss the need for any supplements and customized herbal formula in the form of tea or capsules.