Exactly what I need to stay balanced!

I am so grateful that Margaret always knows exactly what I need to help me manage my stress. She listens, asks good questions, and offers great lifestyle advice. Her caring treatments leave me feeling more at ease and revitalized. Thank you Margaret and Glenside Community Acupuncture!

Julie M Apr 29, 2019

Smooth Safe Pregnancy after 40 :)

At 42 I was able to have a healthy, unmedicated, full term homebirth delivery. Labor was so smooth and fast- 3 and a half hours. My every other week acupuncture treatments with Heather kept me balanced, helped with back pain, digestion, sleep- even with clearing up a sinus infection. Laying on the treatment bed by the sunny window was a little piece of rest and rejuvenation. Some sessions I'd go home feeling like superwoman and got so many things done, others I'd have the best naps after.

Sally F Apr 9, 2019

First Time Acupuncture

A friend recommended acupuncture for various reasons. Margaret took a profile, answered questions & gave me my first treatment. I felt completely relaxed & even dozed a bit. Generally I feel groggy & sluggish after naps but I felt refreshed & energized - even had a good night's sleep. I didn't struggle to get out of bed for my 5:30AM workout and had tons of strength and energy. Acupunture alleviated stress and relaxed me physically & mentally. I'm monitoring other benefits. I'll be back.

Mimi B Apr 3, 2019


My teenager and I decided it would be a good idea to create some positive energy and recharge our batteries! We felt a little low. We met with Margaret who was calming and attentive. The atmosphere of GCA is lovely. We left there feeling rejuvenated and calm. The positive effects of acupuncture last for days. Thinking is clearer, body feels better and generally makes life easier. Ahhhh! Thank you Margaret!

Jennifer M Mar 16, 2019

Keeps me going

I have always been active and health conscious, but as I am aging I definitely need to go the extra mile to fend off aches and pains. Every night of the week I am either doing a combat sport or lifting, and potentially worse is that during the day I am working at a desk. Margaret is always able to help my shoulders, neck, back, or wherever I end up battered. Without GCA I wouldn't be able to keep as active as I am and I always look forward to how relaxing my visits are and walking out refreshed.

Dan R Mar 12, 2019

Calm and Relaxing

I have been to GCA several times now and have had great experiences each time. I have seen Margaret and Alicia, and both have patient, attentive and relaxing. They have made each experience calming and comfortable. Margaret is so fast with the needles that I did not even feel any of them going in! GCA is convenient to get to, and has many appointments to accommodate my schedule.

Karen K Mar 10, 2019

A place of healing

GCA is a haven of rest, recovery, and relaxation. For two years Margaret has provided spiritual relief for my mind and body. My experiences have been immensely powerful and healing. She is a consummate medical professional and listens with her entire being. It is the only place I can completely let go of everything. I emphatically recommend this oasis for anyone who has ever ached, desired relief, and mostly for those who have sought authentic answers to life's continual questions.

David N Mar 3, 2019

Facial Rejuvenation

Margaret has been treating me since she opened her practice in Glenside. She has recently included facial rejuvenation treatments which include acupuncture, cupping and facial massage. For someone in her 60's it is great to know there is a natural way to work on those wrinkles and it is very relaxing. I'm going regularly and I am seeing improvements.

M.H. Feb 23, 2019

Knowledgeable and warm

My acupuncturist was Margaret and she was welcoming. She asked many questions regarding the pain I was having and thoroughly explained the process. It was an incredibly relaxing experience in a soothing and clean environment. Highly recommended!!

Sue M Feb 20, 2019


i have only been to 3 sessions but already seeing improvement with shoulder pain and overall well-being. Margaret and her team are very welcoming and warm. i feel i have known Margaret for years. I am thankful for Glenside Community Acupuncture and the space they have created for mental and physical wellness. I highly recommend!

Jamie H Dec 4, 2018

Effective treatment

Margaret listens to my health concern and addresses it thoughtfully and effectively. I feel cared for at each visit and am experiencing progress. Acupuncture is helping my health go in the right direction, and I consider it a central part of my healing. I highly recommend her as an Acupuncturist!

Jocelyn F Dec 2, 2018

Even Better Than Expected!

This was my first-ever experience with accupunture. I came into the first session with high expectations/hopes for relief of chronic pain. Four sessions in now and Margaret's care and treatment have surpassed my expectations. From the moment you walk through the door, Margaret is a quiet, calm and reassuring presence. She is a careful listener, then confident, assured and adept in her treamenet and approach to your area(s) of need. The entire experience is comfortable, relaxing and reassuring!

Devin S Nov 7, 2018

Didn’t know what to expect!

I have never had acupuncture before to start off! I have had extreme anxiety for years and have tried therapy, medication,etc. My friend recommended acupuncture when I told her how I’ve been getting bad head and neck aches from my anxiety lately. I went to Margaret for my first apt and WOW- the second I sat up, I felt this calmness/ inner peace I’ve never felt. It was mind blowing. I’ve only been once, but made another appointment for next week. What a great place, no pressure, calm, clean!

S.K. Nov 4, 2018

More patient testimonials…

"I first saw Margaret in October of 2015. My first impression was, "she looks so young." This was quickly followed by "she seems really mature" and then "she is so professional." Margaret took time to ask a lot of questions. My impression was that she was learning about me as a person and not just a problem that needed to be fixed.” —Bill E. 

"Receiving acupuncture from Heather is an absolute dream! Her questions help me to think about and monitor my body in new ways. Heather is incredibly kind and creates such a comfortable environment to share personal information. She has truly helped me make incredible progress toward my health goals. When fall comes around and I'm a little more flush, I'll find you in the herbal clinic."—Colleen H.

"Margaret has continued to help improve my five year right hip pain while also attending to my tight neck, shoulder and back muscles. Additionally, she helped ameliorate my tight jaw muscles. Her successful therapeutic methods and her outgoing personality and willingness to seek feedback make her an outstanding professional." —Karen H. 

"My experience receiving acupuncture from Heather was the best I could ask for she has a passion to want to help and really listens to your concerns. She took my treatment plan very seriously and coached me on ways to improve my health along side of acupuncture because I have PCOS with irregular cycles (no cycles) with out the use of progesterone. Thanks to Heather I have began regular cycles with just two treatments. Thank you Heather for helping me so far and I look forward to many more treatments with you!"—Lauren C.

"After I fractured my L2 and underwent spinal fusion surgery, I looked for alternative ways to approach my recovery and rehabilitation. Margaret was always professional yet accessible. I felt an impact from the first session, which helped me through the week until my next session, for the two months that I sought treatment." —Molly D. 

"A few weeks ago I had an acupuncture treatment from Heather.  I have previously experienced acupuncture to relive sinus pressure.  However, on this visit I had requested treatment to help me to quit smoking.  I had been smoker off and on for several years so this was no easy request.  Immediately after receiving the treatment I was able to quit.  She has vast, comprehensive knowledge which enabled her to treat me so effectively." —Holly M.